Vanpool FAQ

  1. What if I just want to ride? Vanpools should have at least two drivers, but the rest can be riders. Anyone entering a vanpool should have a signed agreement with the agency running the vanpool.
  2. What if I'm willing to drive? Drivers must undergo many certifications and background checks to become a driver, e.g. USDOT health exam, training, background check, credit check, criminal background check, etc. Each agency may request different types of information, so it is best to check with the vanpool coordinator.
  3. What does the vanpool ‘group leader' do. The group leader (also called the coordinator or bookkeeper) is the person in charge of keeping the vanpool paperwork updated and current, including filling out monthly ridership & vehicle usage reports.
  4. What if I need to get home in an emergency? Guaranteed Ride Home programs (usually denoted as GRH programs) are available to those that have an emergency at work and need to leave prior to their scheduled carpool or vanpool departure time. Most agencies limit the amount of emergency rides available to participants, but the goal of the program is to make it easy, efficient and affordable to get home in the cast of illness or an emergency.