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VanGo™ FAQs

What is VanGoTM?

We are a North Front Range based vanpooling service in operation since 1994: a division of the North Front Range Metropolitan Planning Organization.

What does VanGoTM do?

Utilizing a fleet of over 30+ vans we serve nearly 100 riders in their daily commutes ranging from 20 to just under 100 miles each way. Matching people with similar commutes we help keep single occupancy vehicle (SOV) travel down, thereby aiding in easing congestion and reducing pollutants.

What type of vans does VanGoTM use?

We currently utilize the Toyota Sienna, with over 1/2 of our fleet hybrid.

What are the benefits of vanpooling?

Vanpooling drastically reduces the mileage you put on your personal vehicle, has been shown to reduce daily stress, offers you the chance to do other things on your commute (relax, sleep, read, work, or socialize), and helps ease road congestion and reduce pollutants.

What if I need to get home due to an emergency or illness, or the boss asks me to work late or schedules a last minute late night meeting?

VanGoTM has you covered with our Guaranteed Ride Home Program. Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a service of VanGoTM to provide transportation when an unscheduled emergency, illness, or schedule change prevents you from taking your scheduled van home. Guaranteed Ride Home pays your cab fare (with nominal tip) from your office up to 100 miles one-way.

The service is available twice within a 12-month period which coincides with your start date and is only valid when you commute by vanpool on the day(s) in question.

What is the Commuter Tax Benefit?

Your employer takes your commuting costs (up to $300 per month) out of your paycheck before figuring taxes. This lowers your taxable income, which puts more money back into your paycheck.

How do I go about seeing if vanpooling is right for me?

That's simple, just register here, find a van that matches your commute and take a trial ride. We're confident once you experience how easy, stress reducing, and convenient vanpooling is you'll be an instant convert.

Is VanGoTM a shuttle service?

No, we are a shared van commuter service to be utilized daily. Our riders are also our drivers.

What if I want to know more?

E-mail us at