Bike Partner FAQ

  1. Why should I bike to work?
    • Biking is very good for your health. Adding just 30 minutes of cycling to your daily life saves you $544 in annual medical costs.
    • Bicycle commuting can be faster than driving. In congested urban area, biking can be 50% faster than cars during rush hour.
    • Biking is a major stress-reducer and can add to the quality of your life. It's been shown to provide excellent therapeutic benefits for both the mind and spirit.
    • On average, people who bike to work lose about 13 pounds during that first year.
    • People biking to work don't have to worry about unpredictable traffic patterns. Commute times are virtually always the same.
    • It's so much easier to park your bike than to search high and low for a parking spot for your car.
  2. Why would I look to find another person interested in cycling to work? Bicycle partners enable cyclists of all skill levels to ride together and participate in biking-related events and activities. If you're a beginner, partnering with an experienced person can get you started smarter and faster.
  3. Things to look for in our bike patner match feature. Our bike partner match has similar search features to carpool, but to identify people willing to bike. The route on the map avoids roads where bikes are prohibited, and highlights bike trails and ‘bike friendly' roads on your route to work.