Carpool FAQ

  1. Is carpooling free? Carpooling is a volunteer program and in many cases participants choose to share driving on varying days or weeks. In some cases, one participant may do most of the driving and the passengers can negotiate to pay the driver for their expenses.
  2. Is there government money for carpooling? In most cases carpooling is a volunteer service and no money is offered to users. Many public organizations offer ridesharing matching sites to help participants find suitable carpool partners. Also, some employers may offer money to their employers for carpooling.
  3. Is carpooling safe? It is up to the participant to vet the persons they are choosing to carpool with, e.g. setting up a meeting in a public place or reviewing their social media sites.
  4. Where can we park and meet? Most areas have public carpool lots that are near major highways. Additionally, some private businesses may also allow parking on their property, but you should always check with them first before leaving a vehicle on their property. Try our Park and Ride feature for officially permitted places to meet your carpool partner.